Have fun with phrases
A music app that lets you enjoy playing music phrase by phrase.


Have you ever felt like this when
playing a song?

Partially performing a song, or playing just one section, is a
common way to practice and play music. In order to do so
while listening to the original, it was necessary to cue
the song or set an A-B repeat. Kittar automatically creates a
phrase list based on the structure of the song. Simply choose
and play the phrase you like to effortlessly enjoy partial performance.

Whether it's enjoying your favorite musical phrase, trying to overcome a difficult phrase,
or taking a shot at a phrase you really love, you can use Kittar to find new ways to enjoy music.

Have fun with your favorite phrase, double down to master a
difficult part, or give an inspirational section a go. Kittar
opens up a whole new way to enjoy music.

How to use "Kittar"


Features of Kittar

Automatic phrase list generation

Choose a song saved on your iPhone/iPad/iPhone touch
and Kittar will automatically generate a "phrase list" based
on the song's structure. The phrase lists will become
more polished and improve in quality as you use the app.

Enjoy your music in a whole new
way with the power of phrases!

Download Kittar

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5 or later, all iPads excluding the 1st generation, iPod touch 5th generation or later.